February 13


Clickmagick Update│What Are Flagged Clicks On My Solo Ad? 😳🤔


February 13, 2022


well hello and welcome to own the lifeof your dreams YouTube channel its Timesha I’m your girlfriend and I’m here foryou so if you are interested in being an internet marketer and you want to knowhow to start build or sustain your business for the long haulthat is what my canal is about so I’m glad that you’re here with me and ifthat is something that you want to know more about made to ensure that you click thesubscribe button below and hit the little buzzer a notification buzzer so thatyou can find out all the information that I’m doing and find out what I amteaching today or any era all right and I’ll be glad that you meet my communityso today we’re going to be talking about sound occult gentleman that is a link trackingservice and I have started the sound power actual tracking services and I kindof want to give you an update to show you what’s going on with it so you cansee how things are working with it and then you can make an informed decisionon whether that is something that’s of interest to you so let me share myscreen and we can get to click magic and we’ll show you what’s going on overthere all right so I’m here one click occults website and let me goto the beginning now with my associations and so I wanted to make sure that you know Idid kind of send traffic to you to me when I did my solo ad I started it lateso I didn’t get all the information that I need it but I did frame some over thereso I did get some information from them but most of this is from YouTube trafficand me playing with it so I wanted to make sure that you know what these termsare so that you can make an informed decision onwhat you are doing with clickmagick if you are using this ashley link trackerso basically I have two relations that I use or I track one of them is my free giftthe checklist and I have in the description box and the other one is mynumber one program which is famou purveyor and so I want to you to seewhat these totals are this one is total click so anytime anybody clicked on mylink at all then either the free gift or the acclaimed purveyor join then itgives me a total of how many joins there are these are unique clicks meaning ifnew people click on it so if I click on it and then I going to go to that site andclick on it again then I will the full amounts of the connects code the full amounts of the clinks will go upbut my unique sound won’t because unique represents different beings or different IPaddresses that click on that actual join so as long as I am from the same IPaddress or I am the same person that’s clicking the link then it’s not going toshow that I have a brand-new unique tourist now this is something that I want to speak to youabout is the flagged clinks so if I go over here it shows you what pennant clicksare and these are basically not people okay they’re like BOTS these are likerobots that are clicking on my relation and if this was solo ad traffic then I wouldbe paying for basically robots to click on my associate which is very very bad andI’m not sure if this is solo ad traffic or not it may be which gives me pauseand acquires me really really reconsider well I didn’t really want to go backwith him regardless but it genuinely realise me argued that I made a wrong select on mysole and provider because I’m looking at you know all of these Google BOTS thatwere clicking on my join and I paid for those linksyou know not much form but I still paid for them which is what I do not I do notwant any of this and all of this is box and then you too have server which Ibelieve is some major program that is not are associated with any real being sothose are click those are sounds that if I paid for them and some of them I thinkI did because it was during that assistance if I paid off them then I actually need mymoney but because I certainly got a raw deal on that and so legendary marketeralso has ten so this the free checklist which I don’t think I didn’t I didn’tsend that out so this is just parties clicking on my attach from YouTube and youknow it’s just container at this detail but this one could have been from the actualfellow ad provider so and a lot of them a few cases of them were BOTS and a couple ofthem were from servers which means that they’re not really from real peoplewhich is something that you know you clearly need to look into so I wantedto make sure that you encounter what that looks like so when you actually do trackyour connect you know where you’re getting your clinks from and that you can dobetter as far as being cognizant of who is clicking on your attach and how you canuse better traffic and promote better so you can get better traffic coming toyour relates so I hope that you had or received significance from this video today ifyou did made to ensure that you give me the thumbs up son and like the video andmake sure that you subscribe to my direct I’m giving you free videoseveryday and I want you to be in the know I want you to be successful and Iwant you to look out for my free coaching sessions that I’m gonna berolling out soon formerly I get everything stabilize with my schedule I want you tobe looking out for that because that is a game-changer you’ll be able to workwith me firsthand and I will show you how to be successful in this internetmarketing the enterprises and I want you to be successful so made to ensure that you preserve alook out for that I’m so excited for it and I know that you would be definitelyin great hands if you partner with me if you’re interested in what I am doing tobe successful online make sure you click the first link in the description bar itis a great program where you learn and make how to do affiliate commerce andif you need a tutor to help you through it then I’m your daughter I can assist you onthat as well okay so make sure that you click on the link find out if thatinformation jives with you if you feel that that is something that you want todo and assemble me on my unit we would love to have you so until next time my friendmake sure that you think large-hearted dream large-scale give big war so that you may ownthe life of your dreams by now you

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