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How to Film and Edit on iPhone

So let’s go back To the coasts where Ialways see you laugh To the forest where wefound and didn’t have To the summer of two thousand and five When we were still alive When we were still alive( upbeat music)( camera clicking) When we were still alive – Hello everyone, and welcome back to another […]

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User-generated content (and building your community) | Sustainable Monetized Websites

[ Music] Welcome back to the seriesSustainable Monetized Websites, a series for online content architects and content administrators … Who too administer monetization. I’m Monetized. And I’m Organica. In this episode, we’ll talk about user-generated content and building your community. Organica, do you also feelthere’s someone missing? Yes, where’s Aurora? Aurora? Aurora? Hey, ladies! Have […]

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Bill Schmarzo, Hitachi Vantara | CUBE Conversation, August 2020

>> Commentator: From theCUBE studios in Palo Alto, in Boston, connecting with thoughtleaders throughout the world. This is a CUBE conversation. >> Hey, welcome back, you’re ready. Jeff Frick now with theCUBE. We are still gettingthrough the year of 2020. It’s still the year of COVID and there’s no end insight I recall until we […]

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Honest Government Ad | Koalas & Trees

Gday, Im from the Australian Government Do you adore koalas? How charming are they? Nawww … look at this one! What about trees? Heres a koala IN a tree! You like that, eh? Well fuck you then coz Australiaskoala population is declining so rapidly your grand kids will simply ever visualize oneof these furry rogues […]

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