How To Make Money With Solo Ads

How can you make money with solo ads? A lot of people seem to be asking that question lately and I know why that is.   Most people think that when it comes to making money online it’s just a matter of getting traffic to your offer and you will make sales. So if I’m […]

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3 Simple Steps to Success in Your Online Business

Let’s get a little more in depth on the last post about using time wisely and planning.  What I wanted to write about today was something that one of my subscribers asked me in an email. What are some simple steps that we can take to be successful? Let me start by saying that there […]

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Quit Trying to Manage Your Time

Type “time management” into Google and you will get 1,740,000,000 results.  Wow!  People really want to know about and talk about how to manage time.  I myself have read many books and articles about time management.  I’ve taken leadership courses that stress the importance of managing time.  But experience has taught me something very valuable […]

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Faith, Richard Sherman & Why They Call Me Boobie

Confidence versus Faith.  What’s the difference?  Confidence is your own belief that you can handle whatever comes your way.  You know the type of person that can walk into a room and command attention.  Some think those type of people are even arrogant. Case in point, Richard Sherman, the Seattle Seahawks corner-back.  He displays a lot […]

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Read Your Spam

What?  Am I crazy? Hear me out. If you work online, you get tons of spam in your inbox.  But believe it or not, 90 percent of what ends up in your spam folder isn’t really spam at all.  Most likely it’s something you subscribed to, but are no longer interested in.  Granted, there are […]

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