January 10


BEST SOLO ADS TRAINING – before you buy SOLO ADS that work WATCH my training

By Randy Sult

January 10, 2022

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best solo ads training a great deal your best friend it’s Alex Z Alex Zubarevand today today we’re going to talk about something really cool we’re goingto talk about traffic we’re going to talk about marketings we’re going to talkabout pass and what does it actually take to make profitable campaigns whatdoes it take to have sales on autopilot while you sleep um actually I’m going toreveal some of the traffic sources that I use personally as well so this isgoing to be a lot of well in this video I don’t know if you’re my team if youmaybe you are another team maybe another company doesn’t matter the principlesapply to any company or any affiliate commerce curriculum it’s all about findingthe freedom freight for your give and proselytizing that traffic into marketings so umthis is some of my answers like we are I personally compiled over million dollarswith my primary companionship which is entitled empower network but I want tohelp you guys with generating our auctions right but what what most important if soyou have full understanding from A to Z what is the tape to do our automaticsales right how to be established expeditions which traffic roots are to toassociate with which traffic generators to use and more importantly determine I wouldlike understanding what exactly you’re doing right so some of the stuff thatyou should be aware of people you should always be using tracker right you shouldalways abuse tracker arm the tracking is imperative so that acces when you buysolo ads when you buy email traffic you know you’re getting talked here whereimportant people does now one right topped now some some people refer to itas Tier one which is top five countries United Nation Canada United Kingdom NewZealand and Australia so those are english-speaking countries right wealthycountries that parties have credit cards those that’s the type of traffic youwant to get to your give right so when you do buy traffic rightalways use tracker I personally use Alex tracker calm uh and when you when yourun campaigns guys this is what you can see the traffic quality is very veryimportant title so it shows you the number of sounds here on it shows youthe quality of those clinks so anytime you get character compose of like 60 andabove you good right so it also tells you how many mobile clicks you’regetting as well right and most importantly when you buy Tier one talkedhere you can actually see it right because a lot of candidly guys I’llleave all the stones you know I’m not going to leave any stones unturned thereare some vendors out there they’re kind of skimpy and they they they can somepeople even like get away with selling fake traffic you know but if you usetracker you can always go back and tell them if you attend like tons of tr3 clicksor like horse bought clicks or proxy clicks see it demo zero so it’s a goodtraffic beginning then undoubtedly you know what’s going on with that dealer socouple of traffic informants something uncovered with you guys and also I’mgoing to uncover my personal traffic agency that I used to support my purchasers um sothere’s a couple of informants you can use guys um one of them is marketplace uhthis one is the marketplace Eugenie dot us this one right here uh basically it’sa marketplace of all the solo app sellers and the also have ratings andeverything else so what you do is you go to that slope and you open a free accounton udemy.com fleck US and when you log in you’ll find a bunch of sellers ahyou can also so where what I recommend you do is sort by rating right so peoplehave the highest feedback that’s who you want to deal with and so for example I’mnot gonna you know advocate anyone specifically here so do you doyour homework and guys please make sure your final stop before you buy trafficbecause this is so many people buy traffic and they’re like captivate sheet isnot working or the autoresponder is not cooked up and the people that go to yourcapture page now we get follow-up emails guys made to ensure that you don’t throw awayyour money right and also very important make sure you have your traffic budgetright you have your monthly budget that you stick to it for the next three tosix months at least right because you’re building your roll buildingrelationship with your register it takes time to get cells you get marketings upfrontof course a lot of terms but most importantly you creating that roll rightand then you build a relationship with that inventory and parties buy later rightlike for example for me like I would say like sixty percent of people buy 62 likeeighty percent by mantle right as they appreciate my communication as I developcommunication with my subscribers right people will always affiliate when the time isright for them ever be borne in mind that so without actually are telling who’s goodwho’s not you can just really sort by rating and they have a calendar we canbook your solo ad write your email drop you can select how many clicks you wantright I don’t recommend anything like like if you want to test couple smallones you can do like five hundred clinks at a time or but usually I don’trecommend anything little than like thousand clicks because that that wayyou really get good feel for that traffic “il be coming” any auctions you’regetting a front and how many marketings getting later on and what kind ofconversions you getting so ever adopt Tier one you know like this is the thingguys everyone has mobile sounds now but ifyou demand if you don’t want mobile clicks are you some of the stars have thatoption you can pay extra but it doesn’t really matter everyone is usingsmartphones nowadays so Tier one make sure you use that right always alwaysused here one ah and the pricing will change accordingly right so so that’show you do it you can also uh uh you have to send them swipe this is nothingyou have to create your swipe right you advertising ah but you can also ask cellif they can write one for you and they might charge you like 50 horses or 100 bucks or something like that to write your swipe and swipe means that emailthat goes through the schedule publicizing best solo ads instructing your tie-in right if if you don’t haveexperience do that on it’s better to pay select to do that for you now youcan also do our use congestion bureaux where they take care of you and theywrite your swipe your email advertising for you so you don’t have to worry aboutthat you merely give them your push connection right tracking relation like from clickfrom clickmagick right and you give them that a linknormally if you’re dealing here with reputable brokers no they you don’treally need to like check their on excellence because they’re in business tohave repeat clients so they’re pretty much guarantee they’re going to send youlegitimate Tier one traffic but if you’re dealing with the marketplace youdon’t know these people right um it’s always certainly I mean you must usetracker you must use alex tracker calm and assure a better quality of your clicks allright um so that’s how you get it on and you can test multiple vendors and examine whatkind of results you get right like was empower structure we have tracking code sowe can see like our tracking code we can assign to each person and identify which oneconverts highest okay so now you have agents right that alternative is intermediaries arethere’s a pair a couple of middlemen that I use so I’ll give you okay so forexample traffic for me dot info this intermediary R has numerous schedules so when youlog in and procreate your free report um I recommend that you get on super premiumclicks let’s see where this yeah super payment up clinks uh that’s you can getten thousand 5 000 or thousand I preserved getting at least a thousand clicksbecause 500 clicks is really not enough to test ah ah really get a good feel forthat traffic source all right so that’s not the option you don’t have to writeyou on swipe you really give them your association and just sit back and watch rightjust make sure you follow up you must get your follow-up emails make sure youhave at least like personalize them a lot of people use like cookie cutterfollow up emails guys come on don’t get lazy and youdon’t like spice to it lend at least signature right are you on facebookpicture at the bottom right you’ll link to your Facebook you link to your skypeand make it personal so that action you stand out from the rest with most peoplealways is not even doing that so the other option you have is a eager trafficare real cool broker traffic is well agency so go to if you go to Egortraffic calm ah think I have a token previously right here if you go to yourtraffic calm is a really good legitimate source of traffic and also are he he arewatch this video can guarantee some reactions so definitely clearly givethem a shot ah really good traffic as well uh and last but not least is my owntraffic agency which is a Alex traffic calm where also you don’t have to youdon’t have to write your swipe really gives people your attach ah go to Alex traffic calmand time give me your attach and I will take care of you right I will take careof your business and usually I are available in within two three days unlessit’s holidays on them give me extra time but normally I can fulfill orders inthis PDF fashion as well so was that I gave you tons of options are you youknow have no excuse claim you have you now you know where toget traffic and make sure that you’re watching your conversionsand using a tracker I can use mine that’s my affiliate join actually Alextracker comm ah most recommend that you do that if you serious about thebusiness if you want to change your current income if you want to double itif you want to triple it or 10 x you income you can definitely do that thisis how I did it personally and hopefully you find this find this trainingvaluable and with that I’ll see you guys on the Internetor on stage coming a giant check so with that hopefully and you got somevalue from this and now you know where to get good congestion so who’s that takecare and God bless best solo ads qualifying

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