February 25


Best Paid Traffic Source 2021- Solo Ads Alternative


February 25, 2022


Okay in this video, i’m, going to talkabout how you can actually order heads uh from the changeover pros. This is a program uh that i use uh quite often to build capturepages and build pours and material with. But if you’re in network marketing orin affiliate marketing, you need to find people who are interested in certainservices and products. This is a a great uh alternative to like solo ads. Sothe main thing here is with solo ads. What “are you doin “? You’re acquiring, clicksright, you are buying 100 clinks and then out of the 100 clinks you’ Ll have an opt-inrate, maybe a 20 25 35 percentage opt-in rate. So out of 100 sounds, you get 20 or 30 beings to opt into your um your index, but with this with the shift pros, what’s happening here? Is you’re? Getting um precedes, so you’re rank contributes actualreal people, and these parties have actually filled out a form online where they’reinterested in making money from home.So they’re already in the mindset. So you havedifferent cartons now, so, for instance, if you wanted to order and say you would actuallyorder, the personal campaign lead. Okay and then you will come here to the lead categoryand you can you have different categories. You have males and, which, which isthe generic business opportunity. Then you have female. Simply if you, if you’re, a womanwho has a female merely or female familiarized consider, you can order. Female merely leads um, you have live interview produces now. These produces are a little bit more expensive, but they’ve actually been interviewed and you get the interviewer’s name, you get theirname a meter of a good time to call them back uh.You know what it is much fund they have toactually invest into a business um, and then you have uh the same type of interview for traveldeals and of course this is male merely heads, so we’ll, entered into with the male, onlymale and Female generic opportunity business opportunity precedes, andthis is the packets you can get. So if you wanted, a hundred produces. 85 pennies is85. Now, if you’ve been in the game for a while uh. If you’re doing this done this for anysort of length of term, you know. Generally, you’re going to get you’re going to spend aboutthis amount of money on 100 sounds for solo ads. You’re literally going to get 100 leads.You’re, going to get appoint, email phone number, all the whole thing. If you’re going withsolo ads, you’re, usually time getting a identify and an email. You’re , not coming a phonenumber, so you literally can call parties up. If you’re say if you’re in networkmarketing, this is perfect for that, because if you’re a network purveyor, you can actually call these beings and, of course, your upline inyour network.Marketing busines is already, or they should be training you on how toactually talk to beings and and and close conducts. And, of course, you have to think ican’t remember what it’s called now, but you have what it would what it’s calledwhere you sort of say: hey, listen! I’ve, got someone who’s interested andyou do a three-way call that’s. What i was going to say you do a three-day callwith your upline, and this is perfect. I mean you can get 100 beings to do a three-way callwith, and you know you already, “youve had” phoned them. They’re, already interested in a transaction andworking from residence or in business from homes, and this is perfect now what’s cool aboutthis? Is they give you 10 overages? So you’re. Actually get 110 causes so uh, you understand allthese parcels, but i wouldn’t. I wouldn’t, go further than 160 um right right.If you’re beginning, so any of these three bundles would be perfect.Now, ofcourse, you can just choose the container now. The second thing that’s really cool here is thetcp mail campaign. You can literally create an autoresponder with a series of email, um, an emailseries already written in your autoresponder, and you can select that these are all mydifferent autoresponders here, but you can actually select an autoresponderand once you order the heads they’ Ll automatically be put intothat autoresponder line, so those emails will go out as the contributes arecoming in um. Then you also have um an api here. You can set up a get response. If you have aget response account, you can do that with specify. That up to where you can um integrate that withget response, and this is how you just offer um, you can use your pouch or youror your credit cards or you have bitcoin.You can do the same thinghere. So “its certainly true it is” a jolly. You know pretty cool alternative in regards toordering guides. Now, if you’re really inventive, all you have to do is um. I approximate a bonustip is, if you create an email where you’re, giving away something for free, getpeople to sounds and open that email, and then you can send them to a thank you pagewhere you have cpa offers it’s, exactly that simple. These are people who are already looking.They’re already in the mindset of trying to make money from dwelling. So why not give theman opportunity? And, of course, if you sign up with the changeover pros, you get a 14 daylight freetrial with this uh with the conversion pros, and you can try it out for 14 periods before youhave to upgrade now that’s completely free.They don’t, collect a credit cards or anythinglike that. You time create a free accounting. You can do all whatever it is you crave and everythingyou want, that the pulpit offers for for a whole two weeks for a full, 14 epoch freetrial, and you can order these contributes. If you miss, of course, if you at theend of your 14 before you resolve your 14 date, free contest is up, youcan import this into another into a csv folder and save it and importation itsomewhere else. If you crave how you want to do it, but of course, if you’re, you know this is, youknow, actually get access to something like this. You know you. It would be smart to obviously starta um starting membership, in order to be allowed to endlessly order causes and, of course it’sreally about converting. So “its certainly true it is” an uh really important um tip here andof course this is, i know, great alternative to running any kind of expeditions, ad campaignsor anything like that, because you’re, getting the contact information rightaway and again as you require, The contributes they come in and they gethit with that autoresponder now um.If you have let’s, go to the autoresponderreal quick. So this is. These are different order. Responses that i’ve created hereand have different contacts in here now. If you um have approvals, you is necessary in order creditsfor basically to uh, send sms text themes. You can purchase those ascribes as well, but, as you have a balance at the time now, this is the estimated cost of sms ascribe. This is theonly monoprints i have right now. I would have to purchase some more, but then you can send sms textmessages through the same autoresponder uh series.It would act as a um create amessage now and it would act as a broadcaster, so you can thensend out that intelligence instantly to all the contacts, because again you’re, coming appoint email and telephone number. So you can send an sms text meaning, along withthe email that you’re already, transmitting to the precedes that you order and you can contact them aswell. Of route, if you need to order any more, you precisely please click here and “theres going” now and youorder uh different parcels of uh for approvals for sms ascribes, and these are the this isthe cost that you will need for one time. So these are the different containers now. So, of course, you can choose the same payment methodshere as well. So this is the conversion pros. Uh again, i’m just gonna go to the page ability here.These are all the capture organizes that i’ve built, but if you want to order leads starta 14 date free trial, again it’s.Free you get access to everything in the backoffice for a full 14 epoches. You don’t have to upgrade until unless you’re ready to upgrade.So this is again the transition pros coming getting conducts through the alteration prosand being able to contact those people again. If you’re a structure purveyor, this is perfect for you. Do those three-way calls with your upline and, as you are um closing people in your network, commerce busines, you can get them into theconversion pros as well and uh feature mentioned here. If you get um, the conversionpros has an affiliate program. So as soon as you get two peopleinto the program who are also full members, you get 50 boards oneveryone who’s, a full member. So formerly you get the third person on and up you’re inprofit , now 25 for every person you get into it. So is not simply are you making moneyin your system sell corporation, you’re, too making money uh by offering this as a tool to anyone who’s in network marketing inyour company, in your downline, uh and so forth.So if you want to start a 14 -dayfree trial, i’ll, leave a link in the description below go ahead and start the1 4-day free experiment. Take the take the test, drive, uh, try the alteration pros outfor 14 epoches, improve your uh captivate sheets. They have all kinds of training in now. If you need training, you can just goto uh your accounting here and there’s. Tons of different training well, actuallythere’s, an affiliate teach now as well. You can go to the affiliate trainingand learn exactly how you can actually put together um a businesswith the changeover pros ..

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