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Best Funnel To Make Money With Solo Ads – Solo Ads Training


February 11, 2022

hey guys Attan here and in today’s videoI’m gonna share with you the best funnel to make money with solo ads. Now if youdidn’t know I’ve been solo ad marketer for years so Im in to share a few secretswith you today and too where you should purchase your solo ads from, all you haveto do is stay with me but first make sure to expressed support for my youtube channeland smacked a notification bell to be notified every time there is in yourvideo uploader okay so I still have my website here youcan see that I’ve been a solo ad vendor and in the beginning I actually spentthousands of dollars and learned the hard way a lot of mistakes that I didthough back then so I want to share with you a few cases tips today so you can avoidthese mistakes and spend a fortune actually on purchasing solo ads becauseif you do it the right way I’m absolutely sure and I have proof that itworks so we’re going to start with a funnel I’m going to show you a fewexamples of some sites and later on of course we’re going to see likewise where youshould purchase your solo ads from and a few things to think about so with thatbeing said let’s get started so first thing we have to look at for the funneland let’s see I’m going to write and describe here little bits the first thingthat we need is a landing page an opt-in page overall so we call it a squeezepage and this is where you’re going to receive your traffic okaymost of the solar escapades they don’t admit you to some offer straight awayso the month actually all the traffic be sent to an opt-in page because they wantthem to opt-in and it’s definitely worth it because you have the reader andyou can promote to him again because he might not buy it the first time the nextthing we have to go here is a redirect page not of it’s not necessary but Ithink it’s better to have some kind of an opt-in page and I’m going and aredirect sheet I’m sorry a redirect sheet and I’m going to show you how one ofthose can look like and we’re going to proceed hereso hereafter they have opted in of course to your rosters we are they aregoing to see an affiliate furnish or if you have your own offer you want topromote that of course your own offer I’m sorry for the typo now so this isthe next step okay let me see yeah that we have it and they are going to see theaffiliate of firm now if they are in the purchase mode they are going to purchaseof course the volunteer that you have to promote neither if it’s an affiliateoffer or your own offer but if they don’t do they shoot this after that youshould have set up your email sequence okaythe email sequence should look something like this the first day mail should be acontent and welcome the second email should you should provide something outof value good value content again and about the third it doesn’t have to belike this but it’s good to send two or three because it takes a little time forthe customer to get used to you to you and your writing if you start the firstemail by precisely bombarding an volunteer and good-for-nothing to offer they were probably justunsubscribe and go for for the next one okay so cater something out of valuein the first one but likewise promote okay so something like this it doesn’t haveto be every third but it could be every second email or something that you sentby promoting you could actually have it in the PS or something like that so youshould have set up an email sequence in my opinion if you can set up for evenlet’s say 30 days why not it’s even better but at least haveseven to ten emails setup now a few things here okayyou should have an exit page now and an outlet page is actually a second landingpage or an opt-in page why because it will definitely give you at least 15% ofsubscribers that you would have lost in the first place so let me really indicate youlet me see here so this is my opt-in page that I havefor daily list gains which is my own commodity okay so if we have a look at ithere the transcript says free video case study reveals how I spawned four hundred andtwenty dollars in less than 24 hours and how you can do it more so I did a videoabout it and this is my opt-in and all you have to do is enter your emailaddress I too state that it’s no previousexperience needed enter your email address below to subscribe to ournewsletter and get instant access now if I try to escape now and say I don’twant to obtain okay do you consider what the hell happened now so there boom okay so thisis my second sheet I try our best to just went out of that pressure sheet and here comesthe oxy outlet sheet I’m sorry and now comes the depart sheet and you cansee here I give you a few seconds opportunity to obtain here wait before you leave afree report that shows you how to determine hundred and sixty witness one hundred twentysix and sixty four so a different a different headline too a characterization herefor branding purposes so this I give them a second chance and surely it’susually everything from ten to could even be twenty thirty percent more ofopt-ins that you would have lost in the first placeokay a regular opt-in page if you punch the X button I’ll go back to this and with asolo ad should be everything from it depends actuallyhere don’t believe in the 50 60 70 percent but I make everything from 30 percentage and above is definitely good because if you do have character trafficit’s definitely worth to have 30 percentage instead of having a 60 percent with badtraffic and if you be added 15 percentage on that for your second squeezepage it should be around 40 between 40 and 50 percent in opt-in frequencies for thosefrom a successful solo ad so let me give you a few patterns now this is anothersqueeze page I used to have in the past disclosed a foolproof procedure to startgenerating a hundred and twenty seven and you want to have a curiosity I makeit easy for you because then no previous suffer needed and I contributed someurgency here as well it actually operates here’s something a different copy ofit the next thing was the redirect page so let me see here this is how redirectpage sounds okay it takes four or five seconds and then you will be redirectedokay so it was my own how would you like to discover sorry about thatso it was actually my own produce that I haven’t promoted there okay I wanted tosee them the sales page and everything so take a few sales on that so that wasthe redirect page the affiliate furnish all your own offer now if you don’t haveyour own offer you should go for affiliate give and the rate tons ofthose in warrior class I would suggest you to go to warrior class or otherwiseof course Clickbank but warrior class has some low-pitched record makes whichactually will give you more marketings to be honest okay because the the front endproducts is usually around 10 everything from 7 to 15 dollars so it’s definitelywill help you to get few sales on that this is the funnel that has been workingfor years and still works no doubt about it and it’s testedand proven with a lot of vendor so this is definitely the best funnel okay nowwe are going to have a look at where you should acquire your soli from so we’regoing to use my comb I’m going to leave you a tie-in in the specific characteristics below freeto sign up for and why you should use you die my why I do recommend this andnothing else right now is for one and only reason is because they have a goodtracking system in place and they won’t send you any bot transaction okay so it’svery hard to maneuver the system by referring both traffic this is a huge one becausewhen I started back then you’d I’m I didn’t exist in the beginning and I usedthe acquired from vendors that direct me traffic everything there is gaped good I got tons ofopt-ins but I recognized it was bought traffic so I wasted a few thousands ofdollars back then actually and learned this the hard way so I wouldn’t takethat risk and I would go straightaway to you term I this is a safe bet you don’teven need a tracking because everything’s included here okay so yougo to the find vendors now and you can filter here if you’re going to go forlet’s say 24 hours how many guests this is how many sounds okay this isalso an important tip-off is not go for 50 70 go for at least hundred butdefinitely go for 200 pilgrims because I realized it so many times when I when I wasselling clinks back then beings came in and bought the twenty five fifty clicksand they wanted to make money and be rich it doesn’t work that acces you haveto give it a fair chance and but it’s better to buy 200 clinks to give ita fair chance to see how many marketings you’re getting you can test them outwith 100 but surely my opinion you should go for 200 clinks to testand see how the seller is doing okay and if you want to add a price tag you caneven have how many auctions they are having you can sort it out but here is my tipwhat I would does in fact you can go to solo ad spates and have a look aroundlook at this for example team here you recollect one marketer so you can see thereis a list ok first place in October list so if we go here why is this guy numberone we have top buyers most I came marketings okay this is where I should lookactually and acquisition my solo because these guys the government has most auctions in thereviews and team here is actually number one you can see here Mauricio Khalid sothese are the people that I would obtain actually from ok so if you have a lookat the team here for example he sold 69 what i am he selling is selling 90% tier 1 traffic tier 1 traffic is the 5 countries US UK Canada New Zealand andAustralia those are the top five which is considered with the best buyingpotential ok fresh and responsive roll they are hundreds of brand-new precede buyersincluded and we do have the proof that there is purchasers so if you have alreadyset up the ads text now which I had here is my swipe and I have included mylink here inside to my constrict page all you have to do is actually let’s say yougo for hundred no team has minimum 100 pilgrims here but I go for 200 visitorswhich will cost me eighty one dollars if you want to give the the dealer theoption to send earlier than scheduled do you do thatif you want to you can use the prime fieldif you want to do that if you exclusively want top-tier it will cost you but I think9 0% is still very good merely portable no spurt while I left open outside it doesn’tmatter because a lot of people are start to working with mobile as well I haveour text if you don’t have you can just turn it off and just put your linkhere but I have add text and all you have to do is add the chords and youwill be redirected and will be charged Plus what you can do actually you canalso go to senses and you can send a message to the solo ad vendor and tellthem that but they usually contact you and thank you for having your interests etc okayso there you have it this is what i will do actually i leave a link in thedescription below you can sign up for free and as I mentioned I wouldn’t takena risk actually you can look for other targets but this is the safest bet rightnow in my opinion to go to uni and yeah that’s pretty much it this is definitelyas I mentioned at the start the best funnel it has worked for years it stillworks today so no doubt about it so there you have it best funnel to makemoney with solo ads if you liked this video make sure to thump the like buttonmake sure to expressed support for my youtube channel made that notification bell to benotified every time there is a new video uploaded but most importantly there is alink below in the description you can find my number one recommendation on howto make money online okay that’s it for today thanks for helping for watching and seeyou soon you

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