January 19


Affiliate Marketing With SOLO ADS – For Beginners


January 19, 2022

hello welcome so in this video one of our readers asked me to do a video on affiliate marketing and solo advertising, so this is what I’m going to be dealing with today[ Music] make sure before I get into the video you press the agree button and leave a comment below and say that I signed off if I continue and answer and come back to you I react every remark well, I’m going to jump on my computer and I’m going to show you now so here we are when we do solo ads Let me firstly process the ones explained to you and uh because you really need to see how it succeeds and its purpose so that you can do it properly uh solo ads are mostly what you find person with a listing and the government has an email register and you go and you pay them for it to send you clicks so you will find this solo adder, I’m going to show you how you can find great solo ads now in a moment uh and this person here is going to send it sounded you now exit such person or persons for j age-old cast click on a arrive sheet okay you have and on this arrive sheet you want to capture the user email now and this is very important because the purpose of solo ads is mostly for you to set up your email list too to make sure marketings but you want to record their email it’s like the main thing you want to do now when you refer people from solo ads to your landing sheet you want to do something very important here on this centre slouse you wishing to have task so you want to track down the uh so you can know and see how many clinks the person sent how many notifications you got and exactly the details you need to make better decisions to see if you are going to buy from him again or not with solo ads it is a must you have to keep an eye on the clink and too the cadres too because the thing is that it is the solo adder generally gives you how many sounds he sent you but you want to make sure what the hell are you moving so you know it’s legitimate to make a better decision again, so di e solo ads that you send to a ground page and then you record the user’s email and then naturally it goes to another page which could be a sales page or it could be a bridge page a teach sheet and then because they enrolled your email now then you continue and you follow orders up with them okay very important with solo ads if you do not have a follow up then it is going to be very difficult for you because most people precisely do not buy the start because they capture their email is just as important with solo ads, so okay, so you want to make sure you do it now um before I tell you how you can get uh solo ad people sounds and how can you get high quality solo additives hats let me show you let me talk to you about this just here watching so you want to keep an eye on the sound I’m going to show you two ways you can use it number one this one tool and it’s a simple, by the way, it’s free to start so you do not ho ef not compensate it is called it is the url app dot bl dot i n k let me sign up here swiftly. Ok is a link tracker okay and uh you can link your attaches here my connections, you can create a new connect here and um and you can see it now will tell you how many clinks you got like so formerly you create a connect about this instrument it will give you a special link right here that this is the link you are going to do send to the solo adder that style it is what you are going to watch many people have clicked on the link and this tool is very simple to give um you merely log in, you create a new relation and you go to my relates, it’s very easy to use but if you miss more one advanced, so if you just wanted to situate not only click but too you miss follow the cells on uh and you want to go deep and are watching like the country where they come from the user you want to track their machine if it’s they use cell phone or smartphone or really, it’s just more advanced this app tracking software is free to also start so you do not have to pay anything and it makes really well it is a more ge advanced one i was only do recommend that you use this one it takes a bit more to learn but then you can see more data and you can see exactly where the the sound came from where they came from countries that one like America is australia uk canada or did they come from uh countries like level three countries um like um like africa non-eu countries that are height two like um india and so here it is bmob.com but if you are just starting out and you do not want to sit down with trying to learn this tool can you start with this one okay so I information technology shared, I talked about this tool here so you can follow the links now I continue to talk to you the solo ad where can you good find solo ads because it does not just go out there and merely buy solo ads out of the blue because what most people do is it generally extends here to google they croak solo ad vendors and they go to this site is very famous right udemy.com and they are just going to buy down from here this is what most people do and it’ s just one source but what i like works for me use Facebook to do it and the How you do it is that you go now to you the search bar and you type here in solo ad test money otherwise enter okay what will happen are many groups will appear here and you really wishing to all the groups and there are going to be so many groups of the solo ads testimonies okay what the hell are you want to do is to participate the group okay go to the group and look at commendations, for example this person right here it refers to a dealer, ok it does not have you the vendor, uh-link okay, we’re just going from, but let’s look at another one okay here is six hours ago this person a testimonial okay so what you can do what you want to do is to see well you have he has the vendor what the isseller here so basically if you want to use this chap you would simply add on facebook and contact them to buy ads from him it tells the type of soda t it is mixed clink then we have click order so he examined he prescribed 9 and 900 clinks and he received a 1038 clicks was the open charge 52 which is really good the open proportion on the opt-in page and then we have one here what uh level is one countries like us australia but it stands now commons not the first drain but good commerce service is highly recommended so this evidence here i would not go for this because it does not even tell you if you have marketings or not from 900 sound so I do not want to go for this one let’s see another one now ok a seller the name of the seller we are also able sound just right on it tap mingled click how many clinks did they prescribe 200 clinks receive 224 sign up rate the opt-in rates are here again the uh how many beings opt for it here and enter your email now on bring sheet okay so you got 40 54 which is really high it’s really good and then elevations a few countries okay 85 and’ a general suffer with Judy good communication and strange we will will definitely be back with more recommend talking so not now about the sales let’s look here okay there’ Let another person meet me this one let’s see another one here well so this person here you receive seller um he has 300 clicks what he got ordered 300 sound sign up rate 42 because sometimes it’ snot just about the opt-in rates, it’s more about the sales level 1 100, so it is and he has three cadres so not bad not very pleased about with the traffic i got 3 sales and paid them altogether for the traffic wow okay likewise okay as you can see here this is where you can find good solo ads i find the best way because these commendations are people who walk in the traffic and mostly they say how it worked for them and i’m only in one group but if “theres going” here and you go to other groups there to be even more testimonies than you can see come we go right here, so this person right here good, come we appear yeah, various cells okay but again the same process you go look this group looks like it too many people exactly transport spam but there is so much right there it’s what you want to do want to make sure they get sales off the traffic and focus on that as soon as you get the chap you know they have congestion got a lot of sales and it seems good to you then you talk to them you communicate with them and then it’s how you build it how you you been a good solo option to choose from okay let me go back here, I spelled it wrong it so it’s how you play it well now it’s establish uh hopefully more um yes okay and we’re looking at radicals now but if you look for um time posts it’s also a good way to go because if you can see uh we can see uh where the posts are like this one solo ad testimonial well know this guy and he does it in a testimonial now so again we are to be able see it and encounter being say cadres yes, thousand click okay so it is what you want to be look at as you can seeso many commendations from so many parties so what you want to do is find parties what a hassales that parties have cells that sound is level 1 of high quality and uh and precisely keep a record where you all get their lists and then you try one by one and compare outcomes with each other and because uh, you follow right because you are following you here, you are going to know uh how many opt-ins you have and you can track again and hear even the cadres you u be going along with the cadres afterlife what it is you promote you can actually realise the cadres on your dashboard so you do not need to detect theconversions here hence you can use this one tool it is simpler the b tie one but if you use the one that is more advanced it is just better because you are going to get more data yes and you and therefore you are going to make better decisions well so so you find good solo ads that people get marketings and you contact them right and they will and they will show you want and proposal you their boxes maybe a promotion uh and because you so many solo can find ads and you can contact it on facebook it’s all going um w ord a lot easier for you since you have them exactly there I “ve known you” mean you do not have to go in other stages and it is just there and you can contact them asking questions any questions you know so right here so I have you the showndetection i depicted the solo ads how you can get good quality solo ads now the produce you are going to promote okay you want us we know you demand a good sign up page you crave good auctions sheet actually good sales sheet and you miss a very effective follow up okay now this product is here which um is the uh funny enough that I myself promote what this funnel is here uh this funnel here uh it is it is like so good for solo ads because it really really converts well and it has upsells so you can earn doubled income with this and also recurring income and the good thing about this funnel here is that uh once you get this funnel you too get access to um to solo ads supplement this guy had r at simon he is really good with solo ads and his advertising his solo ads actually convert it if you just wanted to get this funnel and you know, get a solid pour with a good opt-in page a good sales page and it has a very good follow up in place and you also get follow up and you get the training you need also in more detail about solo ads you can get it now so I will leave alink below for this funnel here promote it i with paid traffic i actually use google ads for this but solo ads are stunning for this funnel so therefore i recommend you this particular funnel for this so the link will be in the description and also in the comments below so this is the process okay from solo ads, it’s all about coming in contact with the solo picker utilizing Facebook commendations to find testimonials from beings from solo add-ons, then re-tracking what you want to track and the importance richest thing of the solo ads is that you record the user’s email while also strengthening your email roll and this is your biggest asset because your email list you can send them then email when you want is the thing formerly you paid, are you paid for traffic with solo ads you captivate those to which your database traffic and as of now you kind of have this solo ad you are yourself a solo ad like you have the traffic in your email autoresponder and you can use it website you are eligible to even sell when you want just like the solo ad to other beings do and by the way this funnel I am also talk about it once you get wise more, have it training inside it will school you exactly how to do this process catch up emails and sell the emails as solo ads or such a solo app business enterprise, you can be it and get it on simply one alternative but even if you do not not because this video is not intended for this you always want to captivate the subscribers e mail so you can email them always and in the future and build more fund okay, this is so important with solo ads the purpose is mostly a solo ad is to develop you email index of course you do what you can make and ordinarily do you sell with uh with solo ads but note that you may send traffic and get no auctions it is happening to many beings I would most of the saypeople know you do not get discouraged when you route traffic and you do not get any sales because maybe the sales will not get right away but because you capture them email and you may have a follow up they will buy along the way and even though they are they do not buy it is good it is because you were you were not happy and you you have people not interested in what you have to offer or maybe the forgery on your sales sheet was not right or the opt-in page has not been able proselytize well there are a lot factors and can optimize things you can do to make this work well I hope it was helpful if you like this v ideo do not forget to humble the species button remained unchanged to blue I appreciate it very much you take the time now to be I here on my youtube canal and learn with me I am so appreciative thank you really appreciate you if you are familiar with someone who benefit from this delight share video with them thank you very much i really appreciate it and again i have the link below for funny enough it is what i promote and recommend to use with solo ads you can use solo ads and any promotional make but this product i recommend is so solid that it is so good because it has disturbs, it has the training for solo ads and simply everything there you need yes there we go thank you, you have a consecrated epoch ever believe in yourself trust yourself deter a objective, keep the goal in intellect is not lose heart you have it I believe in you you merriments and I see you next time[ Music][ Music] you

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