October 31


9 Valuable Lessons From Ranking 100’s Of Cool Websites


October 31, 2022


Since 1999 I've worked on hundreds of websites 
building them so they can get Authority so they   can get customers coming through and so they grow 
on Google and some businesses have got frustrated   as traffic hasn't come through as easy as they 
expected and yet for others immediately with a   few changes and tweaks we've seen great results 
in the next few minutes I'm going to share the   nine things that I've learned along the way 
as I've built my business from the ground up   along with some great free tools that you can 
use today on your business to help you grow   in Google too and by using these tools you'll 
get the traffic that your business deserves not   every business is equal often business owners 
don't understand that what works in one type   of business or category doesn't work in another 
Niche or category for your business and that's an   obvious factor of life because if you go to Google 
ads and if you were to do a cost per click on a   particular category you'll know for example that 
24-hour emergency plumbers will pay a lot more per   click click than say window cleaner so the fact 
is is every business has different demands has a   different return on investment and therefore the 
competition can vary dramatically so it could be   that if you've got an unusual business there's 
no competition and you may find it flourishes   quite quickly whereas if the competition's high 
obviously it can be more of a challenge SEO is   more than Google business now most of you have 
probably already got your business on Google   Maps or Google business profile but it's worth 
bearing in mind that it's not just all about   the information you present there Google already 
has a portfolio about your business it knows how   you appear in citations and indexes it knows how 
social media views you it knows a little bit about   your branding and it certainly knows a fair bit 
about your website if you have one so it's worth   bearing in mind that all those factors externally 
affect the internal value of your Google business   profile so sometimes you'll need to establish 
Authority in areas that you haven't gone into   but for maybe do a site audit as well on your 
business website and there's some great tools   I use semrush is ideal for this as it will 
give you all those types of information and   a lot of it is free as well be a person behind 
the business how difficult it is to relate to a   business if you can't see the person behind it 
one of the biggest complaints is the fact that   when you try and get hold of your bank you try 
and get a hold of a business itself all you're   getting is automated telephone calls and you're 
getting no response at all on a one-to-one basis   and businesses don't work that well that way with 
customers any longer so how can you do that well   you can use your social media profiles to make 
contact with your customers you can use videos   where you talk to your customers maybe some 
tutorials so that you show that you understand   the pains and difficulties that they're going 
through and how your business can then resolve   that for them and in effect you're building the 
power of a personal brand and by doing so people   will know that they can contact you and get 
results so how do you keep all that consistent   if you've got lots of social profiles well I use 
Circle boom which has been a great way of making   sure that when I've got information that I want 
out there then I can do it through all forms of   social media with literally one click of a button 
keep consistent I promise you being consistent   makes such a difference to Google Google wants to 
know that when it then starts sending customers   to your business that your business is still 
around responding and actually of value to your   customers it's hard to be consistent and keep your 
business updated and keep on top of all the things   that running a business requires so how can you 
do that well I've mentioned on previous videos   about posting consistently maybe just logging on 
to your business each day or each week and seeing   what things Google's requiring But ultimately 
to keep your Google business profile and to keep   your business profile up to date in general like 
running a tool like local Viking is a great way to   do that there you can schedule posts to go out at 
certain times and you can manage all your projects   all in one place but of course another one you 
could use is Surfer local as well so try one of   those two Surfer locals one I currently use local 
Viking also can be just as useful the nice thing   with this though is you can monitor the progress 
so if you want particular keywords to be used   and to find out where you appear in the map 
pack then these are great ways of monitoring   to see whether the efforts you're putting in are 
having a positive effect over a period of time   understand your competition so do you really know 
your competition do you know what categories they   currently use do you know how often they post 
do you know how often they get reviews coming   in do you know what the average rating is do you 
know what attributes your competitors are using   all these are questions that are hard to find 
out unless you monitor them using a free tool   that's where GMB crash has been really useful 
so use this again just to get an idea of what   the competition's doing and how I'm performing 
against them for the various categories and in   addition you can use GMB everywhere and it does 
it in a similar way but does it from within Google   Maps itself as an add-on so again using these the 
combination of these two can be really powerful   for the tools that we mentioned in today's video 
then make sure you click on the links Down Below   in the description and they'll take you through to 
those relevant talk and you can use them straight   away and then start to see the benefits for 
yourself there are no guarantees boy the amount of   times that SEO gurus make promises and guarantees 
that you can be number one or they can get you to   number one by the end of the day the fact is is no 
one can guarantee anything because unless you're   head of the Department of the Google algorithm 
how could you possibly know what's going to happen   tomorrow either so my recommendation in effect 
would always be to put that time and effort not   into getting gurus to do it but in learning how to 
do it for yourself and no one knows the business   better than you the person running it or the 
manager so that's why this channel tries to keep   you up to date so that you can then be informed 
on how you can then optimize your own business   and then that's going to be far more greater value 
and give you a much more long-term benefit to your   business that's why if you're finding value then 
it'd be great to subscribe and of course tick the   alert button and that will then make sure you 
don't miss the next update on helping you grow   your business next one is help your customers and 
the thing is you can't help your customers unless   you know what your customers want so how much 
feedback does your customers give you do you have   a feedback form and you then respond to it are 
they able to email you and ask questions and also   what types of questions are people in your field 
asking well there's a great tool that's called ask   the public that asks about answer the public you 
can ask the public they won't know actually they   will know they'll know what they want to know 
so answer the public and there you'll find out   exactly the questions that people are asking and 
you'll then know what to respond to you'll know   what articles to write that's going to help your 
customers and if you help your customers they'll   come back again and who they're going to turn to 
when they want your services or they want services   like yours well the person who is most helpful 
so being helpful is a very powerful technique uh   marketing technique in effect but it's one that's 
always going to get better results because people   like to be helped and like someone that's helpful 
build branding Authority that's what is branding   Authority we just think if someone was to 
look for your business what would come up   on the results if they looked under images on 
Google what images would they see the fact is   is you have a brand your logo your color scheme 
your website your business profile Google knows   how you're viewed by the public Google knows what 
tweets are said about you it knows about Facebook   the fact is is you do have a brand everyone 
has a brand but what type of authority is it   growing because once you have a brand Authority 
Google will definitely give you more ranking and   bright local is a great way to find out a bit 
more about how you can grow your Authority the   more consistent you're found on citations and 
throughout the web the easier it becomes then   for Google to know that there's a consistency 
there that it can rely on and therefore it will   then give it Greater Authority in the search 
engine so build your citations bright local is   a great way to do that the Need for Speed if your 
website's slow if it doesn't load fast then Google   is actually going to rank it down why because 
Google knows that if people don't get a response   very very quickly whether on a mobile whether on 
a laptop or on a tablet whatever whatever device   they're using if it doesn't get a response quite 
quickly people then will go and turn away and that   gives negative signals to Google so Google at the 
moment is giving extra rank to business websites   that load fast but how can you do that if you've 
got a WordPress website for example it will tend   to learn a little bit slower than the average 
website maybe Wix Squarespace or a little bit   better because they've had recent updates well the 
latest WordPress has had a great update 6.03 has   been a good update regarding speed but there's 
also something you can do that will speed it up   with no coding requirement whatsoever and that's 
Nitro pack which I use it's got the ability to   basically speed up and cache your website for you 
so that it serves up a lot quicker to the search   engines and to visitors and you can test your site 
to see how well it does in the link down below as   well as a bonus most people haven't realized 
there's a new way that Google's working its   business profile at the moment so you remember 
Google my business we're now called Google   business profile things keep changing so how can 
you make sure that you've got the very latest   thinking with the algorithm on Google business 
profile well you won't want to miss this video   it's going to be the next stage to getting your 
business to get extra traffic and growth on Google

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