January 7


5 Strategies to Grow Your Push Ads Subscriber List

By Randy Sult

January 7, 2022

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That helped us recover around 30% ofsubscribers that we would have lost so that really really shortened the cost wewere compensating per subscriber on average and it also stretched our database much quicker. The high-pitched loudnes strategy is truly targeting a broad audience.It’s potpourrus of lots of different senilities, lots of different genders, a great deal ofinterests. This is not accounting for any type of segmentation. It preserves it alittle more simple but you’re targeting, again, a vast audience. When you’re doingthis, generally you can find a way to get your cost to acquire a customer pretty cheap.When we send a user to our main landingpage, if they chose not to subscribe to our database or they click the backbutton to leave our sheet, we would send them to a new land. That new domainwould ask students again — would they like to subscribe? Some would say yes, some wouldsay no, some would sounds the back button again. If “theyre saying” no or clicked the backbutton again, we would send them to another domain. We would do that fivetimes. In total, some useds insured up to six hours a due sheet askingif they would like to subscribe. They had the option to but the only waythey could really exit the sheet is if they closed out of it. So yes, that’s abit of an vigorous tactic, it’s not malevolent, exactly we didn’t want them toleave.That helped us to recover around 30% of customers that we would havelost so that really really reduced the cost we were pay per customer on averageand it also changed our database much quicker. The second programme iscalled the add-on and this is when you use push to boost profits and stretch yourown resource from traffic or awareness-raising campaigns that you already have flowing. This isperfect if you’re already running traffic preferably on a source that doesallow approach notifications such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram, or any nativeplatform like Taboola, Outbrain, MGID, there’s a cluster. Also if youdon’t really have the most time to invest into growing your own list intoyour own big database, this is also a very good opportunity.Basically what you would get is a stable asset and free advantage. Now I will mentionthere’s nothing truly free nonetheless if your safaruss’ already breakeven orbetter, you can add this write on to there to start collecting subscribers. This is the niche advantage. This is actually one ofmy favourites.This is where you use your competitive advantage to drive push commerce anddominate the less competitive geos. Push is getting insanely insanely competitiveright now. You can be found in I make all the new informants, I mean they’re all collectingsubscribers and this is kind of where it comes in where anybody can make it work.This is perfect if you are talking about a non- English language. Why? Well principally becausethe English-speaking countries are much more competitive at this time. Also ifyou live in a less competitive geo, maybe “youre living in” a rank 2 or it’stier 3, maybe you’re in France or Italy, any of these countries are perfectbecause then you don’t have to compete in places like US, right. Then lastly, maybe you are well aware a friend that’s a direct advertiser or you just have reallystrong connections with traffic roots, this is very important.It’s mostly –the whole idea of this strategy is figuring out what is your competitiveadvantage and what you can do to maximise it with push. This is called the pixelassistant. This is where you use your push database to pixel customers prior tolaunching a Facebook campaign. Yeah, I supplemented a little Facebook in here right, but you got to have a push database that you are well aware, a built-up push database. Itdoesn’t have to be massive but it does have to be there.The reason to test this is if you’re launching a Facebook campaign that youdon’t once have a pixel for right, you got a fresh pixel, you want to give it alittle head start, this is what you do and likewise I mean you build up areally good lookalike gathering and retargeting public that you can usefor further testing.The way to set it up is you kept the Facebook pixel on thelanding page. You originate this patronage episode announced clickers right so the path itworks is when the user smashes your push, they get down to the landing page. Whenthey click on your arrive page CTA, that’s when they get pixelled and yourcustom occurrence starts built up. It’s not as strong as a acquire lookalikehowever it’s strong enough if you keep the messaging relevant. Your pushnotifications, if the messaging is relevant, then this is gonna be a verystrong public. 9 out of 10 for us, it beats out any interesttargeting that we may have maybe running on Facebook. So send out thepushes, related messaging, and then run it until you have a thousand incidents, atleast a thousand right. When you have that, form your lookalike from theclickers occasion and then launch your campaign. Like I said, it operates fantastic.I most recommend you guys try it out ..

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