January 2


4 Steps To Use Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing

By Randy Sult

January 2, 2022

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affiliate market is a huge industry and that is all said to spend 8.2 billion dollars by 2022 in the u.s alone and as we all know that traffic is the blood of online business so when it comes to traffic there is a free congestion that we get by building our firebrands on instagram or by writing blogs or by posting affiliate connects on different facebook groups right then there is a paid traffic which means we need to pay firstly in order to generate traffic and one such paid congestion is solo ads hi guys my reputation is ishan narang i am an itiner turned into full-time digital marketer and in this video we will be talking about the four steps to use solo ads for affiliate commerce so just seizure your notepad and pen and touched that like button and please agree my canal as well okay so now let us begin by learning solo ads for all of you who don’t know about it solo ads are email located circular you buy from other email directory owner so basically you know you are buying clicks and visitors from a merchant who have a big list so you can easily get traffic to your capture pages okay so now let’s proceed to gradation number 1 and that is finding a very good solar adventure it ogles easy and actually it is not an easy task to find a liberty soloid vendor you need to do a lot of research before making a decision use numerous pulpits to find one of the best works provider in the market choose the one which is honest cheap and aspect assured business patently not an indus and i totally agree with you so i would recommend to find the suitable solo ad dealer by looking for solo ad directory and the very first is udemy yes it is a new solo ads directory where you will find all type of parties together with all type of list i necessitate like in schedule in every different industry so recollect their results how is that did their roster generate marketings before or not then make a decision okay pick some merchants try their traffic depending upon your experience and then move ahead if it demonstrates good results and also it helps to lift your business to scale your business then scale up with that vendor okay now let us talk about step number two so the one gratuity that i would like to give you here is to start with a very small number here always okay so with this i mean to say that whenever you are ready to buy sounds from a solo ad vendor make sure to buy it in a small quantity like 100 200 clicks this will help to save your money if any vendor won’t get good results for you so begin with a small buying in a small number review the performance and then choose to buy more okay now move to step digit three which includes traffic and monitoring solo ad seller do all the work by itself but it’s your responsibility as well to keep a check on sounds by using a tracking tool you can easily track sounds their ip domiciles their spot and so on so like we have clickmagick.com and qlik.com these tools will help you to monitor traffic auctions and sounds as well the best tool i use and i even recommend is click supernatural you can find the link in the description box okay bypassed abusing numerous solo ads campaign ranging at a single place of age otherwise you may get muddled so observer your progress by merely get into a single solo ad campaign whatever you do make sure you do it with a faithfulnes so that it gives you superb reactions right so let’s move to the next step that is either you choose a direct link or a mash sheet tie ask your soloid provider if they admit direct connect to any affiliate offering or a concoction if yes you can try to send traffic immediately to the offer i really don’t prefer it okay basically there are two options the first one is if seller allow then you are eligible to immediately route traffic to effort offering in that case remember you won’t be able to build your directory other options for you is to send traffic to a mash sheet then you were able to say a visitor’s email address and then simply forward to a affiliate furnish it is considered as a professional way to use your pinch sheet that results in long-term business goals also i would recommend transmitting traffic to a capture sheet so that you can build your schedule as well as we all know money is in the directory right so the issue is the easiest four-step solution to use solo ads for affiliate marketing business and i believe it will really gonna help you all so at last if you felt this particular video beneficial and if you would like to be a part of my parish i would like to invite you to join my vip facebook group as well as my telegram group okay so this group is all about how to start your own business without any prior knowledge or experience so you can say it is a newbie friendly you can take the knowledge and start your super rewarding business in 90 days yes i am saying it in 90 daylights you can set up a profitable business so if you are interested in making another 3000 a month join my free facebook group below this video go and join it right now and i look forward to engaging with you in this group if you are looking for something get rich quick business so please don’t join follower join only if you are serious about starting your online business okay i will see you there expressed appreciation for for watching it so far make sure to subscribe my canal bye for now

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