December 26


2 Ways to Build Your Email List // Email Marketing Explained

By Randy Sult

December 26, 2021

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hey guys this is vanessa duberle and thank youfor coming to my canal i want to talk about two different ways that you can build an emaillist and throughout this this video i wanted to show tell you the importance of having an emaillist i know you’ve probably listened people talk about it but you’re might not really be quite surewhat it is and how to get one and why you need one so we’re going to talk about all of that inthe video today before we dig in don’t forget to subscribe to my canal where i can help you buildyour business principally by house your youtube path and then everything that comes with itfrom there it’s my my mind that it all starts with youtube it’s the most effective way to get startedand then everything else can be built from there and this is one of the pillars that you want tostart building if you’ve already got your channel is that email list and again i’ll let you knowwhy um when you’re watching the video now the first space and the most common way to build youremail list is to offer something to your gathering now you might say i’m brand new i don’t even knowwhere to offer anything first of all what i want you to think about is what could you give youraudience for free that they would in turn give you their email directory now you’ve seen them yourselfyou’ve gone into your emails perhaps you’ve gone shopping at the supermarket and they’ll say give give meyour email list your email and you do and then all of a sudden your inbox is full of certificates andthings like that i’m going to use kohl’s as an example i think that was the first time i everrealized what an email list was i proceeded shopping i’m like oh i’m giving them my email this isyears ago and all of a sudden i have all these coupons and all these offerings and i’m like wowthis is cool now eventually if you obstruct rendering that email out you’re going to get lots of offersright so parties catch on pretty quick so you’d genuinely need to have something that they demand whatis it that you have to offer them that they’re willing to give you that email index because thisis something everybody does and it fills up our inbox and a lot of people don’t like that soyou’ve really got to have something enticing i’m going to give you some opinions here and i and isay have a captivating lead magnet we call that a cause magnet a free offer um an opt-in all thoseterms work hand in hand and here are some here’s how it works in a nutshell let me exactly here’sa little sketch that i’ve created to to help you understand these little arrows is common to yourcustomers coming in from different traffic sources so let’s say the only traffic source you haveat this point is youtube i talk a lot about youtube youtube is a good traffic source soduring your youtube video you might talk about an give and you are able to say clink the link belowand i’ll give you a free ebook with my favorite five recipes that assist me lose weight if youfollow these recipes you might lose 10 pounds within a month whatever it the offering is makesure it’s legit of course well if you have a health and fitness canal you’re talking aboutbeing healthful losing load anybody following you that wants to lose those 10 pounds is going toclick and you’ve just offered it on your youtube video and here it is they’re going to click but ohwait a minute it doesn’t automatically give them the recipe record you’re not going to have a linkthat departs directly to the recipe book because you just lost an opportunity to get their emailaddress remember we’re trying to collect the email address so they go to what we call a landingpage mooring sheets are built in things like sound funnels i have a link below it has a trial periodand it’s got some instruction on how to use it but that’s where it has to go to some kind of aplatform that has a landing page after they click the landing sheet and say yes i wanted to go bookanother page is going to pop up and say fill in your email address and gives people your nameand they go okay leant it in and then they click and then one of two things is going to happen hereone you’re going to automatically send them an email that has the link to that free journal that youjust offered or automatically the book just goes to them in an email so it’s that simple now whyare we doing that later you have the email register and you can start writing emails to your audienceto the people that are interested in what you have to offer you’ve got a list now that will buildover time that anytime you might have other offers or if you want to share a brand-new mystery or new tipyou’re giving them information and that’s your inventory there now real quick why why do we evenwant to do this because any programme like youtube instagram flutter facebook you don’t own thatspace you are being allowed to use that seat for free from all those people that own it theycan kick you off at any time that they demand they can shut you down and then you have nothing sowhat you’re doing as you’re as you’re putting out your material and and catering to your audienceand passing them what the fuck is require they keep coming to you they’re flocking to your your facebook groupsgetting bigger your subscribers are getting bigger on your path if something happens and you getshut down you have your email list and you can still communicate with your audience so even ifyou’re not really sure what that audience what to do with that audience i “ive read” in a groupone time somebody said i have 6 000 people in my email inventory that i don’t know what to do with themand everyone’s like oh my gosh you’re so lucky but they were collecting them but they weren’twriting to them and that’s fine if you don’t know what to do yet but what i’m trying to emphasizeto you here is you need to collect emails okay here are some other ideas i know i use the idea ofa recipe diary but you could do thing other ebooks this one says seo 101 learn the basics of searchengine optimization a lot of people want to learn that wow okay i’m going to sound it here’s anotherone beneficial gathers if you are trying to coach have beings come in maybe you can show howto have beneficial meets when you have an audience maybe in zoom or something likethat keep it on track and things like that you can have coupons you are eligible to perhaps you have acourse that you’re selling and you want to give them a voucher or perhaps you have a shopify storeand then down now four simple simple steps to hack your attires so how to have habits that areproductive you can think outside the box there’s lots of things that are relevant to your businessand free things that you can offer and you will find i’ve got several different presents i have achecklist that i give i have an ebook that i give people are tempted by different things in my clickfunnels account with the arrive sheet i’m actually going to make an a video next week so sevendays from today and if you’re just watching when this comes out that’s my next video once it’sactive i will keep the link below so if you are watching after those seven days then go down belowand you’ll see the link on what is a landing page and how to make one so that you’ll come that moreinformation there didn’t want to situate it in here because that’s not what we’re talking about todaynow what is my second nature on how to determine uh create an email the second way that you can create youremail list is to buy solo ads and it’s not really an ad that you’re buying you’re actuallyhiring somebody to put your information on their email roll and then they’ll get people toclick coming to you so what you’re buying is some clinks from soul that has a huge email listand you’re like whoa what does that aim um i didn’t understand this at first but to be honesti looked into it a little bit i’m going to explain it a little bit to you today how that works but ibought my first 2 000 emails by expending solo ads now i didn’t just go in and say hey let me buy 2 000. they actually get information from you and beings will actually click they’ll have an opportunityto put your information in front of their inventory and then you’re buying clicks so for example itand again i’m going to go to the place whatever it is you do this but let’s say i have 300 000 emails on mylist and you come to me and say i have this little ad i want to offer to my public to get themto click for this recipe book on my roster you’re coming to me you’ll find out how but maybe i havea list of people that are interested in health and fitness so 100 000 beings health and fitness itake your ad i kept it out to them and if when you get your first 100 clicks i stopped the adand that’s what you’re paying for and it frequently lopes roughly 40 pennies per click and you mightsay well you know that’s that’s about 40 which isn’t bad but each time these beings sounds andthey going to be home and they sign on for your thing you’ve got those emails of people who are interestedin what you have it departs a little bit faster i did it i don’t make love anymore because i’m gettingthem from other sources but in the beginning i felt like when i was writing to people and givingthem more information there was nobody out there like if you only have 10 beings you’re like youknow why am i doing this but if you’ve got 2 000 then you feel like at least you’re openingyou’re you’re you’re giving your information to a bigger interested gathering but like isaid i wouldn’t do it all the time after that then i would just start it let it happen naturallylet me show you where you would go to get these when you affect the link below it’s going to takeyou to a site like this and you want to go to solo lots because that’s what you’re looking forand each of these people are selling allowing you to situated an ad on their email listing and again youwant to open each one up some of them will say i specialize in marketing um i specialize in healthand fitness i might specialize in business they’re going to have all kinds of different thingsin there so you want to find somebody that connects with you most of them like i said ifyou pay approximately 40 cents that’s the average now if you go down here you’re gonna see this personshe’s accusing 48 pennies but she’s already had two thousand requires if she’s been around long enoughto have 2000 orderings then she must be pretty good this guy is 3 000 orders but their pricesare still good there was a guy i went down here a little bit further and he had 500 lineups now but notice everybody’s like 40 45 cents somewhere in there i’m going to go tothis one here they’ve had 1300 tells they said they’re outperforming everybody else they’re goingto give you information about themselves you’re going to contact them and you’re going to let themknow you know what i want to buy a thousand clicks and it’s going to tell you how much that costor you might say i just want to buy a hundred for now i want to see if this works so time slidethis over and you’ll picture the toll goes down and i would start out with 100 or 200 only to begin withbecause you’re going to be shy at first i was i was like what am i doing here and i again was verypleased you’re going to pay with a credit card or with paypal and then read all this informationum in here he’s been doing this for six years so he’s a lot of know-how which is good he’sgot testimonies down at the bottom and he’s going to tell you exactly what to do most of histraffic comes from the united states and canada and they call that tier one australia pretty muchyour westernized um countries that people have a lot of money and they are happy to devote it that’s whoyou want to reach out to sometimes the lower the price if you tell them hey i want to reach othercountries which there’s nothing wrong with that and sometimes the lower the price a little bitso that’s it in a nutshell what to do you’ve got to contact the person they’ll gait you through itand tell you what to do you have to have something ready to give though to the people when they clickand commonly you might have them click into your landing sheet where you have the render and againwatch my video next week and i’m going to show you how to create a landing page where to go todo that so right now if you’ve never done any of this and you have no idea what you’re doing don’tdo anything yet start thinking about what is that offer that i can give and start googling whatare some other things that people are providing what does maybe you have a youtube channel andyou already know parties keep asking the same questions over and over maybe you can make a listof frequently asked questions and offer that to them make it something seducing though that peopleare really going to want to click that’s all i have today i hope this gives you an idea of whatthe email listing is what kind of offers that you can give and how to collect them that’s what we’reanswering today watch my video next week and i’m going to show you how to shape that territory pageand be able to give your offer to your audience it

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