December 28


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December 28, 2022


hey you guys this is jamilah shields with
the newbie marketer welcome back to my channel and I'm here today with some
information that I've gained on how three ways to get traffic to your site
on a daily basis so these three traffic methods that I've learned that even the
top earners are using so I dabbled into them and I'm here to show you guys so if
you would like to know what what it is that they do on inside stay tuned stay
tuned stay tuned and at the end you will get some awesome bonuses okay so let's
go ahead and dive right in but before then I want you to like subscribe and
hit the bell button for more notifications I will be bringing you the
first source that I want to show you is going to be calm boom traffic and what
kaboom traffic has to offer so I'm going to log in right here now with kaboom
traffic you can sign up for free it's free to sign up that's that's there's no
issue there but there is an offer to purchase you can purchase ads on here
for $97 for 90 months I'm sorry for 60 days excuse me and what it is what
kaboom does you can as you can see here there are people advertising their
banners or on kaboom but you can also advertise your banners or on your
website on other people's sites you can have them in put on people sighs that's
paid traffic but you use kaboom to actually promote your business through
there and what I like to rock a boom is that they have so much more to offer
okay so you can actually have your own capture page because you can
also promote kaboom and receive a commission with it also okay so here you
can choose one of these pages here to capture and you can go ahead and use it
as your primary and you can send that out to other to other sites put it on
other sites or list it and come home and your banners will also go into rotation
and you can actually personalize your banners we're going to go up to add
banners here you can add a banner of your own from your own site and what you
would do is right in here you can enter your website and you can
drop the image upload the image of whatever you can create an image on
canva I have a video on how to create a YouTube thumbnail on camera but you can
also use to create banners posts from Facebook
and everything I will leave the video up there and a little car right there for
you okay so drop your image here and then you will go ahead and make sure
that it's the correct size so what you would do when you would create the
banner then you will go ahead and upload it and if it's not the right size they
needed to be 320 by 320 you can go it over here and go to better resizer and
it'll resize it for you upload it to your computer save it and post it on
here okay and then you have tracking tools also on here so you can actually
track what you sent out so I haven't done but your anything I
just learned about it so but you can't rag you have your total you do your
unique views any of your opt-ins you can track how your banner is doing on
different sites they have how-to videos to show you how to use a site and then
there have there are resources on here getting started they tell you how to get
started with you with kaboom traffic you can purchase banners they have
pre-written ads and there's so much that kaboom has to offer and I've seen the
type gurus actually using this awesome and with the pre-written as you can go
ahead and copy and paste that to whatever you want to put it on you can
put an email you can put it in SMS text you can use it as a post on Facebook but
their pre-written ads and you can actually take that and put your site in
there and use those awesome that's one way I thought about it and they also
have a Facebook group where you can post your results and get help with kaboom
traffic sources okay so that's one source so the first source
that I had was kaboom I think Marsha close it up
kaboom traffic and the next is her cue list plus Hercules Plus now we're Hercules plus
you can get eyes on your your offers by submitting an email every day they have
you submit emails once a day as a free member you can upgrade to the gold
member or the pro member yes if you choose to but you can send one email out
a day with Hercules plus and send that email and put your offer link in there
and send your people to your offer every day and I believe they send out a
thousand emails on your behalf every day to their fresh leads which i think is
awesome you can also have your edge posted on Hercules Plus where you can
have people actually come in and check out your offers they call her Q blurbs
and the way you can you can purchase her Q blurbs or you can earn credits by
looking at others offers I don't want me to log back in okay so you can look at
others offers and earn credits in those credits once they add up so once they add up you create your your
actual Hercule herb and it'll be your offer and people can go through and
search and search through the different offers every offer that you search
through you earn credits but people actually have everything to look at your
offer and and then go ahead and sign up with you so I think that's awesome they
have a blast where you can actually get on there and and the first thing that
the person will see when they log in is your offer
they have solo specials where solo ads where you can purchase all our ads on
through the system and most of them they don't seem to be too much um they right
now they have figures and I'm sell fast targeted traffic they have different
different offers in here for to get solo heads to get so little people to look at
your ads and they don't cost much you guys I checked it out they don't cost
much okay so that is number two so first we had kaboom traffic and number two we
have Hercules plus now the next one of course is one of my faves my liege in
secret now with my legion secret of course let me login to you are to get
100 to 200 leads a day there is a cost to my legion secret it's $30 a month and
$30 to set up the activation so that would be $60 starting than $30 a month
that's a dollar a day that you'll be paying but you'll get a hundred leads
per day to send out emails to with your offer or you can promote the system also
in earn commissions that way too I have a video on that I will post that up in
the little card above and you can actually go ahead and look through that
and see what the commissioners are with my Legion a secret
but the best part about my legion secret is the leads now if you can if you
decide to promote my legion secret then you will get we get one sign up it goes
up to 200 leads per day so at this time I'm at 4,400 leads and I started on May
13th with this company so it's a little over two weeks and I already have 4,400
leads so what I do is I send an email once a day to these leads with my offer
and they have great opt-in rates because these are fresh leads every day so right
now I'm at 200 I mean 4,400 leads I get 200 leads per
day and you only need one person to sign up you guys to get those 200 leads a day
so and they also give you master email swipes you can purchase master email
swipes the cost can be three $9.95 or $59.95 now what I did was when I when I
first ordered my emails my master email swipes it's at $59 not said well let me
ask the contacted customer service and they actually gave me the promo of 29.95
but that's an option if you want you get 30 different email swipes that you can
send out add your links to it and add your own twist to it and send out to
your offers okay but I want to show you the opt-in rates for the system so I've
sent out 4200 lead so let me email 4,200 yesterday and it's still it's still
working because you're going to hit perfect timing so is everybody's in a
different time zone so they would get it at the perfect time in their time zone
so so far 283 people have opened you have 39 clicks 7% helping rate and I
just did this it's been less than 24 hours you guys so it's still working for
me but here you have 571 people open and it 3,200 leads and so on and so on and
so on these are awesome email swipes the
you can use or you can create your own email it's all up to you okay so I'm
back hi so we have three ways to get traffic and that was kaboom traffic
number one hercules plus number two in my favorite my liege in secret each of
these in their individual way will get you hundreds of thousands of leads of
people to look at your offer every day through banner ads and emails that you
can place the banner as you can place in different sites and on the actual sites
that people will come and click through for you now I did say there is a bonus
now with the my Legion secret there is a bonus you will get once you sign up a
complimentary vacation you will get a list of email swipes that you can
actually use with your own twist and place you know your offer in there so
those are the two bonuses that you can get with my Legion secret and if you
need marketing training we have the most awesome training system with easy one up
and with easy one up if you sign up at the vertex pro level you get a bonus
that's a nine hundred ninety seven dollar bonus with a youtube training
Facebook training a solo ad training and how to market your products anywhere no
matter what type of niche you're in so you have those great bonuses that's
again my with my leads in a secret you get the complimentary vacation and the
email swipes and with the easy one up training and I will actually put a video
up there that you can see what their compensation plan is also so just go
ahead and look at the top click that little I button right there and you will
go to the website and I'm going to leave the links in the description you guys of
all three traffic story just and the awesome marketing training
with easy one up if you want to go ahead and sign up and get training on how to
market any business any business that you're in with easy one up so I'll leave
those links in the description I hope that you found value I hope that you
learn three awesome ways to get traffic to your sites and if you did go ahead
hit the like subscribe and the bell button for more notifications I will be
talking to you guys later until next time I want you all to be
awesome and have a great day talk to you later bye

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